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Cause battery capacity lack of time and for what reason

斗地主达人Release date: Sep. 11, 2013

1)battery factory to users timely after installation, use external cause long-term storage temperature battery has great influence, self-discharge will cause long-term storage capacity will cause the insufficient self-discharge。

2) are plate corrosion caused by deformation of capacity, insufficient.
Lead-acid batteries are plate is affecting the working life of the battery. The capacity of the battery charge, especially under the deep capacity drops and follow closely related quality deviation is indicated.
A. are plate bar on active substances softening off

The microscopic active substances exist in big hole hole hole, and paid more than 0.5 cm, its size is composed by many holes, along with the discharge of circulation, active surface contraction, form the core and into the coral structure, many discharge recycling, make holes gathered hole increases unceasingly, damaged structure, and lead to positive active fall off.
The situation is the main cause of macrocurrent charge-discharge. Avoid should guarantee the charging and discharging current and avoid overcharge or put phenomenon.

B. are plate bar corrosion deformation
Board of corrosion rate depends on board the gate, but storage alloys with high temperature corrosion, the faster the deeper, the corrosion depth discharge is more serious.
3) the negative sulfuric acid salinization plate
In normal work, PbSO4 particles on the negative plate, discharge easily lead to recover soft shape, but sometimes battery to the reduction of internal generation lead sulfate, called sulfuric acid salinization.
Cause negative salt-chemical for many reasons, such as discharge battery charging, cannot promptly after long-term shelved, cause serious self-discharge, electrolyte concentration, temperature and battery shortage for long-term discharge, the conventional method to lead sulfate reduction, such substances reduce the capacity of the battery will affect.

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