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China is planning to limite the number of lead acid battery manufacturers

Release date: Sep. 11, 2013

Time:2010-07-16 From:Internet

China is planning to limit the companies allowed to recycle lead acid batteries for refined lead manufacturing, said a top industry official last Sunday. The new rule will allow only 20 recyclers to process lead acid batteries in the future. There are currently hundred of recycling companies doing this now.China is the world’s largest producer of refined lead. Experts estimate production to increase to 240 million kilowatt hours by 2015, twice the levels in 2009. In 2009, China used 2.35 million tonnes of refined lead for lead acid battery production, which accounts for 70% of China’s needs each year.In a conference in Shenzhen City, vice general secretary, of China’s Battery Industry Association, Cao Guoqing said that the government will strictly enforce the new rule but did not say when it will become effective.The country’s needs will rise each year with 1.75 million for next year. By 2012 China will need 1.93 million tonnes, further increasing to 2.69 million tonnes by 2015. This year China only needed 1.49 million tonnes and used even less in 2009.China will need primary and recycled lead at approximately 3.9 million tonnes for 2010 and over 4.2 million tonnes in 2011, according to Antaike, a government backed research company.The government aims to improve environmental standards by putting a cap on the companies allowed to recycle batteries 

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