4V AGM Battery-Shenzhen Leadhoo Battery Company


4V AGM Battery

Voltage : 4V

Capacity : 0.8AH to 20AH

Designed Service Life: 12 Years (Designed floating service life at 20oC/68oF)


General Features

• Nonspillable

• Sealed and Maintenance-free Operation

• High Quality and High Reliability

• Exceptional Deep Discharge Recovery

• Low Self-discharge

• Long Service Life

• Solid Copper Terminals

• Tank-formed Plates

• Computer-aided Design and Manufacturing

• UL, CE, VdS Approved Typical Applications

• Telecommunication equipment

• Electronic instruments

• Fire alarm

• Security devices

• UPS power supply

• Emergency lighting

ModelNorminal Voltage
Dimensions (mm/in)Datasheet(Download)
LenghWidthHeightTotal height
NP4.5-44V 4.5AH 471.85471.851024.021084.25
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